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Date:2007-12-06 19:48
Subject:I couldn't resist...

In 2008, atmptgrace resolves to...
Become a better npr.
Volunteer to spend time with adirondacks.
Find a better target.
Connect with my inner chocolate.
Tell my family about jesus.
Give some national parks to charity.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

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Date:2007-04-16 19:20
Subject:Its official...

I too have made the move to another blogging apparatus: http://web.mac.com/rgr99

The software has been updated and I'm loving how it works. I'll still read updates here, but I probably won't post. Feel free to visit my new home ;)

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Date:2007-02-15 11:05
Subject:Warning: Rant Ahead

So having grown up in a town not far from here, which gets slightly more snow than here, I am somewhat disturbed with the lack of adequate road care here in Ithaca.

When I hit the roads this morning, 10AM the day AFTER the storm, I was shocked to find so many MAIN roads still extremely snow-covered and obviously not plowed. Due to my superior snow-driving skills, I only spun out once (quickly remedied by backing up and trying again) but I can't even imagine college students from not-here driving in such conditions. I am thankful for our snow tires, but still, inches of slushy snow in the road do not make for prime driving. I don't understand.

Now I am safely at work, ready to buckle down and get some good work accomplished (to make up for yesterday's unofficial 'snow day') I love being here alone, playing my Norah and just thoroughly enjoying being at work. mmmm.

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Date:2007-02-14 14:22

List of good things that happened today (and its only 2:30!):

*No work for me! (granted, I am still doing work-related things at home, but not as many as I would normally)

*John and I had fun shoveling this morning - 1+ hour of good, solid, snow moval.

*We then flopped in said snow. Flopping was fun.

*I am still in my pajamas. This is a GREAT thing.

*All plans for tonight have been canceled. This also is fantastic.

*There have been fourty bazillion birds at my bird feeder.

*I got caught up on The Office - Congratulations, Phyllis!

*Cornell University is officially closed, for only the third time in thirty years. This means John is coming home early!

Now I shall read the EXCELLENT issue of National Geographic that arrived yesterday - elephants and sharks and cosmic explosions, oh my!!

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Date:2007-01-18 14:40
Subject:For the B-Day TWINS

You to birthday happy!
You to birthday happy!
Nate and Becca dear birthday happy,
You to birthday happy!


(i had to be different than Lauren, and since she already stole my auxilliary birthday song...)

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Date:2007-01-18 13:52
Subject:meme from Katie

Go to your music player of choice and put it on shuffle. Say the following questions aloud (or...not), and press play. Use the song title as the answer to the question. NO CHEATING.

How does the world see you?
"Oh Christmas Tree" - Tim Davis

Will I have a happy life?"
"Waltz (Better Than Fine)" - Fiona Apple (Fiona=happy? I think not.)

What do my friends really think of me?
"Aria: Sehat, Jesus hat die hand" - St. Matthew's Passion (i think it means "see, Jesus has a hand"...help?)

How can I make myself happy?
"In the Light" - D.C. Talk (right on)

What should I do with my life?
"Water Music Suite #1 in F Major" - Handel (join an orchestra? live in water? live NEAR water? ooh, i pick the last one.)

Will I ever have children?
"All Night Long" - Piano Winterlude, David Huntsinger (hahahahahahahaha)

What is some good advice for me?
"He'll Make Me Happy" - Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy

How will I be remembered?
"Trust and Obey" - The Martins

What is my signature dancing song?
"December" - Weezer

What do I think my current theme song is?
"Twenty-Four" - Switchfoot (wow, pretty much. Seriously, check out the lyrics)

What does everyone else think my current theme song is?
"The Celibate Life" - The Shins (so how does this fit in with the children thing?)

What song will play at my funeral?
"A Rumor in St. Petersburg" - Anastasia sountrack (heh?)

What is my day going to be like?
"It Came Upon a Midnight Clear" - The Three Suns (its going to be a late night?)

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Date:2007-01-16 12:42

We're finally receiving the gift of fluffy from above. I love it - I'm in my element, and can hardly wait to get back out into it. Hopefully it will stick around (and accumulate!) until this weekend so John and I can get out in it. Skiing, snowshoeing or maybe even just some nice trail hiking...

Our Christmas tree is also still up (John's decision) and maybe I'll turn the lights on tonight, sit with some tea and listen to Sufjan Christmas to make up for my lack of Holiday spirit in December. Christmas all year round, right? :)

Tonight is also the first night of American Idol. I know, I am a nerd, but I love these first few weeks! I always tune in for the beginning and the end, and skip most of the middle. I pick my favorites and then check back in to see if I was right. Part of me likes to think about what might happen if I was to go on the show...would I make it to Hollywood? Maybe if I got a good haircut and lost 30 pounds...I could make up for my lack of showmanship with good looks? haha.

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Date:2007-01-11 13:59
Subject:check it check it


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Date:2007-01-10 13:21
Subject:Since you asked...

It was fantastic to see Katie and Jordan (the boyfriend) this weekend. I really appreciate time with friends, especially during times where I am feeling caught up in my own self-centeredness - it forces me to live outside of myself, to just BE with people and not let my mundane routines and thought patterns dominate my moments.

Ithaca weather cooperated with their visit, and we got to spend a bit of time outside, as well as time inside playing games, watching half a movie, etc. I am very impressed by Jordan, and though I imagine my opinion matters very little in the grand scheme of things, I think Katie has found herself a high quality man. Their friendship along the journey of seminary will be (and probably has already proved itself to be) invaluable. Its so great to have a best friend.

Lately, I've been realizing that anew. John truly is my best friend. We have so much fun together, whatever we do. We can talk about anything, be utterly goofy and strange with each other, all those cliche things that you say when you first find your someone...its still true for us.

Hooray for someones!!

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Date:2007-01-04 10:43

So Christmas was good. We had a great time doing the loop from ithaca to baltimore to nj to plattsburgh to saranac lake back home. about 20 hours in the car, but compared to those poor people in Denver airport...

My one lament is that I saw ZERO friends (outside of family, of course) and this makes me sad. I only got to see one cousin (cousins count as friends) and the holidays used to be all about goofing around with cousins, causing trouble. Also, due to the lack of parentage in my home town, I didn't even see high school friends. That was always going to be the reconnecting point, ya know? Oneonta for the holidays... Sadly, that ended in 2001, and I rarely make it back there anymore. There's something to be said about having a HOMETOWN. I like Westminster (MD) and all, especially the bit about being close to my sisters and Baltimore & DC, but its not home to me.

Now its back to work. Elliott and boyfriend are visiting this weekend, which is exciting, but I'm also speaking on Sunday and MUST FINISH SERMON TODAY as to not have a buttload of stuff to do while they're here. Meanwhile, half of my throat is sore. Is this possible, people?

*disclaimer: horrible grammar, sentence structure and the like in the following paragraphs. A return to semi-decent writing is scheduled for next week sometime.

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Date:2007-01-04 08:54
Subject:because of people like me...


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Date:2006-12-14 23:38

sometimes i am happy when i 'get' things in movies.

othertimes, it just confirms the fact that i'm too dull to 'get' things in real art, and get far too excited when i 'get' why and how the dude with the wings saves his dad.

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Date:2006-12-11 20:13

this week, our church is doing free gift-wrapping at the mall. Every day. All day long.

I.E., I am doing free giftwrapping at the mall....every day...all day long.

I enjoy it, really i do. The introvert in me, at the end of the day, runs for cover. My ears are literally hurting from 10 hours of listening to the Salvation Army bell ringer, stationed right next to our wrapping table. My feet hurt from the stupid pretty-looking shoes i was wearing.

But, theoretically, we're demonstrating something that is less-than-prevelant in this world: something that's genuninely free, no strings attached. Kinda like God's love...

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Date:2006-12-06 11:43
Subject:Fleeting moments

Last week, a friend from high school lost his mother to a sudden lethal infection. No warning. No last moments together. A relationship cut short, a family left with a gaping hole. No 'mother of the groom,' no growing old together, no gramma. Just memories.

My father came to visit this weekend. His health continues to leak out of him, slowly, steadily. I definitely cherish all moments I spend with him, each conversation. I bring up things I've always wondered about it, and am thrilled each time I get an answer from him. Each hug is special, each laugh divine.

An Ithaca friend had a premature and severely ill baby a few months ago. The baby has been living in Syracuse NICU, and only knows tubes and machines. He's been held a handful of times, doesn't know his mother's breast. But he's coming home on Monday - and all rejoice. The child is going where he belongs.

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Date:2006-11-27 16:47
Subject:tough choices

I've made a decision to add 26 hours of free time to my week by skipping out on a training I was going to attend.

Part of me feels sad about this, because I was very much looking forward to doing what the training would allow me to do, but most of me feels relieved that I am not going to be horribly busy during this already busier-than-usual time of year.

I refuse to turn into a holiday monster, rushing here and there, grumping at those who cross my path. Nope. I'm going to write Christmas cards with care, taking my time, being in touch with people I love. I'm going to sit in front of my tree and sip gingerbread tea and ponder the mystery of my creator's birth. I'm going to bake yumminess to share with lots of people. I will sing songs of advent around our wreath nightly, and celebrate with Mary and Elizabeth in anticipation of the beauty approaching.

I will smile all December long, because the King is coming.

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Date:2006-11-26 22:02

why do my vactions never feel like vacations?

too much driving, too much socializing, not enough sleep, not enough rest.

It is so good to see family, but one of these days, I'd like to have a vacation whre I just rest somewhere - at home would be fine. Or somewhere else. it doesnt really matter.

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Date:2006-11-21 15:36
Subject:that time of year again
Mood: content

Its that time of year - where I look out my window from work and shiver with delight from the changing of seasons. The winter coat has been broken in, my inhaler once again a staple in my purse to rescue my lungs from freezing shut.

This world of change, which necessitates new routines, different clothes and chores and meals...I love it. I am fueled by the seasons, and can almost understand why some people worship the sky and trees and all things that when patched together become nature. I'll worship the creator who must like change as much as I do in order to compose a world where it abounds.

*this entry courtesy of cousin josh who inspires me to be less mundane and more reflective about this life i'm graced to live*

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Date:2006-11-06 16:40
Subject:You're never too old...
Mood: accomplished

I did something last night that I never thought I'd do.

I played Risk.


I actually enjoyed it (probably because I won :)

It really was rather fun, and it kinda hurts my pride to admit that. John's been asking me to play it with him ever since I got it for him at a garage sale two summers ago. He finally wore me down, on a boring and optionless Sunday night. I don't know if i'd like playing with more than one other player, though, so I don't think I'm a true convert.

c'est tout.

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Date:2006-11-01 21:16

So we ended up being road kill and winning third place at the costume party, just behind a Geisha/Samurai couple and Adam and Eve. John was the road, I was the kill (a dead, very cute, VERY bloody dog). Lots of fun :)

I don't think I mentioned in here (since i hadn't posted in ages until a few days ago) that we recently added a little furry somebody to our family. We now have John, me, two tetras (fish) and one Russian Dwarf Hamster named Gus-Gus. I shall introduce you now.

He's mucho entertaining, and cuddleable. Its fun to watch him roll around our house in his little hamster ball - he picks up all the dustbunnies from our unswept corners and makes very smooth turns around our living room. His favorite food is sunflower seeds (and apple cake) and if I ran on an elliptical as much as he runs on his wheel, i would be about 50 pounds lighter than I am right now. What an inspiration!! :) So, consider yourself introduced.

By the way, it is currently 9:20 on a Wednesday night and I am NOT watching Lost....how sad is that? :( Just have to wait until tomorrow....

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Date:2006-10-31 11:34
Subject:happy halloween!
Mood: devious

I'm very pleased with the applications I've already received!! :)

So, my birthday was great - I got lots of phone calls from wonderful people and got to spend time with those I love. My big present from John is that we are going on Saturday to purchase our very own elliptical!! :) So, Lauren, the first step towards the boilermaker has occurred.

Tonight we're going to a costume party which used to be a surprise birthday party for yours truly until yours truly figured out her friends alterior motives and then was subsequently deemed 'a brat'. The downside to that is I've only had two days to come up with a fanTAStic costume for me AND john.... help!!

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